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How Indore became the cleanest city

Indore has been accredited the cleanest city of India in 2018 and it aims to retain this status for the years to come the cleanliness standards of Indore are one tough act to follow for remaining cities of India. It was accredited cleanest city according to Swach Survekshan 2017.

How Indore became the cleanest city.

IMC (Indore Municipal Corporation) honours those workers who provide exceptional measures to handle waste management efficiently. Using a Binless city model which was initially introduced in two wards then eventually implemented throughout the city. Imposing hefty fines ranging from Rs 50 to Rs 500 also prompted citizens to ensure cleanliness in public areas. Providing incentives such as discounts on property tax for those who installed compost systems in their residence also promoted cleanliness. Awards functions are also held yearly which awards the best ward of the city, the award is presented by city mayor or IMC commissioner.

Besides all these measures taken by the government it would be unfair not to forget the toil and hard work of municipal workers of Indore whose work ensured the cleanliness of the city.

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