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Acceptance of Agreement

This is an agreement between you and (ListoBiz) Pixadcom Infosystems LLP a company enlisted according to companies act 1956, which has its head office at Floor 8th, 812 Rajani Bhawan, Near High Court, MG Road, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452003, which works according to your use via website or through official mobile app. When you access the website or app through any platform you agree to the terms and conditions.


The terms and conditions of the website is liable to changes, it is your responsibility to check the revisions of the terms and conditions. The usages of the website post the changes of terms and conditions signify your acknowledgement for the revised terms and conditions.

Usage of Media

The website officer various multimedia items in the form of photos, video etc, you must ensure that the media available on the website is used for personal and non-commercial purposes only.

While ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company) makes efforts to make the data for the website authentic, the company is not responsible for the damages directly/indirectly caused due to the access or use of the content resulting in loss of data, viruses etc.

As PixelMarketo is a registered trademark you are legally not allowed to use the company media such as logo for commercial purposes or send to third party apps or websites.

ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company)company has trademark on all the data related to the company, all other registered trademarks are the property of respective owner.

Privacy Policy

We suggest that you do not share any confidential information, unless the information is required to verify you identity, pixel mare to ensure that the private data requested by the company would be kept confidential. ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company) is not responsible to any losses caused due to information shared by you in various public platforms such as blogs, reviews.

Review and Ratings

ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company) provides information using various mediums such as sms,wap,website, apps, voice call and provides medium to provide ratings usage.

You are responsible of the ratings and reviews posted in public domain. Pixel market isn’t liable to change its term and conditions on the basis of your public reviews. Buy posting reviews you allow ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company) to reproduce the data provided in their reviews on public platform.

The reviews posted by you does not cause any harm to any specific individual or entity, and you take complete responsibility of the review you post.

ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company) reserves the right to mask or unmask the reviews posted by you.

ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company) reserves the right not to transfer or convey to, or generally distribute through the Site or Forums any Communication which

  • Are revolting, disgusting, obscene, degrade, sexually unequivocal, debilitating, or oppressive.
  • Constitutes or contains false or deceiving signs of starting point or proclamations of truth.
  • smears, slanders, criticizes, decries, or generally disregards the lawful privileges of any outsider
  • makes damage of any sort any individual or element
  • encroaches or abuses the protected innovation rights (counting copyright, patent and trademark rights), contract rights, exchange insider facts, security or exposure rights or some other privileges of any outsider
  • disregards any appropriate laws, tenets, or controls
  • contains programming infections or some other malignant code intended to intrude on, obliterate or restrain the usefulness of any PC programming or equipment or media communications hardware
  • Mimics someone else or element, or that gathers or uses any data about Site guests

Also to clarify that if there are any issues caused due to your review ListoBiz (A Pixadcom Infosystems LLP Group Company) reserves to take legal action against you.

You agree that the review is a medium used to post suggestions but cannot be used to breaching or attempting to breach the security.